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Join us now and explore the endless possibilities of partnering with ZAP: Referral & Reseller options available. Leverage our expertise to boost your account.


Referral Partners focus on marketing the school management system and earn commissions from successful referrals


Reseller Partners actively sell the system alongside their products, with the ability to white-label it and provide additional services



Referral Partners play a crucial role as ambassadors of ZAP's school management system. Their primary focus is on actively promoting and marketing the system to potential clients in the edtech market. Through various marketing strategies and channels, they generate interest and awareness about ZAP's offerings, effectively serving as a bridge between potential customers and the ZAP team.

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As Referral Partners successfully drive leads and referrals to ZAP, they are rewarded for their efforts with commissions or incentives for each successful referral that ultimately converts into a sale. This performance-based model encourages Referral Partners to leverage their networks and marketing expertise to attract high-quality leads and secure more conversions.

This setup provides Referral Partners with the flexibility to focus on their core strengths, whether it be marketing, networking, or lead generation. It allows them to expand their revenue streams and business opportunities without the need for deep involvement in the sales process or product integration.

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Reseller Partners take a more active role in the sales process, targeting the edtech market. They integrate ZAP's school management system into their product offerings and directly sell the combined package to potential clients.

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Reseller Partners have the added advantage of white-labeling the software, rebranding it as their own to enhance their brand image in the market.

Furthermore, they can offer additional services to schools using the ZAP system, expanding their service offerings and creating more value for customers. This option allows partners to have more control over the sales process, customize the software to match their brand, and potentially earn higher revenues from direct sales

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Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our partners

The ZAP Partner Program offers two partnership options: Referral Partner and Reseller Partner.
Referral Partners primarily concentrate on marketing ZAP's school management system to potential clients and driving leads to the ZAP team.
Referral Partners earn rewards or commissions based on successful referrals that result in conversions and sales.
Reseller Partners take on a more active role in the sales process, integrating ZAP's school management system into their product offerings and directly selling the combined package to potential clients.
Reseller Partners have the ability to white-label the software, meaning they can rebrand it as their own, enhancing their brand image in the market.
ZAP provides comprehensive support and resources during onboarding, including training, marketing materials, the Partner Mobile App, and technical assistance.
Potential ZAP partners should ideally have a strong presence in the edtech or educational services industry, sales and marketing capabilities, technical expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
Yes, Reseller Associate partners can collaborate with ZAP to suggest new platform features or improvements, fostering an open and innovative partnership ecosystem.
Interested companies can become ZAP partners by reaching out through the official website or contact channels. ZAP's representatives evaluate compatibility, background, and alignment with the program's vision to foster successful partnerships.
As a Referral Partner with ZAP, I've earned commissions effortlessly. Their school management system is fantastic, and the team's responsiveness has exceeded my expectations. Thrilled to be part of this partnership

Mr Kunle Olatunji, IT Manager

ZAP's Reseller program has been phenomenal! We integrated the system with ease and the additional services we offer have delighted our clients. A smart move for any IT professional

Mrs Chiamaka Nwachukwu, Tech Consultant

Working as a Referral Partner with ZAP has been fantastic. The software's effectiveness speaks for itself, and ZAP's support makes the referral process seamless. A rewarding partnership

Ms Eno Duke, Education Consultant

Becoming a ZAP Reseller has exceeded my expectations. The platform's capabilities have impressed our customers, and the revenue from direct sales has been remarkable. Thrilled to be part of ZAP!

Mr Abdul Mohammed, EdTech Entrepreneur

Being a Referral Partner with ZAP has been a game-changer! Their school management system is user-friendly and effective, making it easy to recommend to other educational institutions. The referral program has boosted our income and expanded our network. Highly recommended!

Dr. Serah Thompson, School Owner