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Create topics to enhance the course builder, organize study materials and class activity/assignment.


Upload learning material in any format to the cloud-based content library and create interactive courses.

Virtual Class

Deliver engaging live classes and record them – all within your website using our Virtual Classroom integration.

Class Activity/Quiz

Create assignments and online test to assess the progress of your class and conduct online exams with survellance.

Transparency For Parents

Reporting, performance tracking, parent-involvement at each step is available for parents.

Confidence For Students

Whether catching up or getting ahead, homework, revision, or simply preparing for examinations – we’ve got you covered!

Simple and transparent

Bring your classroom to life

Get unlimited access to school's online library, including videos, worksheets, interactive whiteboards, help from qualified teachers and more! Start learning today.

Class Activity

Virtual Class




Classroom integration

Easy integrations for your school's online learning

Zeon Academy Pro offers you the opportunity to access unlimited cloud storage, online CBT and virtual class. Our online platform provides you with features of the physical classroom online. Engage your students with interactive class session and assess them using your school's Mobile App.!


Upload as much content as you want with unlimited storage.

Online CBT

Write online exams and quiz with good survellance from home

Virtual Class

One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation, and digital whiteboarding.


Get and submit assignments online using the school's mobile app..